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To arrange for a Whale Shark tour, please send us the following details.

NOTE: you only pay a $25.00 DEPOSIT ONLY now, and we’ll collect the balance  when you arrive.


It’s important to point out that Whale Sharks are not spotted every day. Sometimes, they go down just below the surface where it is difficult to view them. Fortunately, all of the captains communicate via radio to ensure that everyone gets a chance to see them when they are spotted, which is more than 80% of the time.

Your crew will supply you with water and sodas and a light lunch of fruit and sandwiches. On the way back you can stop and snorkel the shallow Ixlache reef near Isla Contoy. When you return to the island they anchor at Playa Norte for a little while to allow you to swim and cool off while they prepare you some delicious ceviche before returning to the dock.

COST: TBD at start of season.

Private tours are also available.

Welcome to Isla Mujeres!

“We are a vacation rental company that provides you with a personal experience during your vacation planning and rental options that best fit your needs and budget. And the best part is there are no additional fees!”

Sean Petty, CEO

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